Saturday, September 25, 2010

a place to sleep...

So this week was really exciting! We got this beautiful crib bedding made by my loving sister. The bumper adds just the right amount of color to our room. The detail she did on the quilt was quite the surprise!

getting prepared...

My dad wanted Dave to be prepared for diaper changing.

This probably will be helpful as the only diaper Dave has ever changed has been on one of these at our infant care class offered by Tribeca Parenting:

Monday, September 20, 2010

mom's visit

So we had a fun weekend with my mom. She flew in Thursday morning and was settling in the apartment right before the 'tornado' hit Prospect Heigths. We scrambled to mop up the water that seeped in around the air conditioners, but thankfully we were safe and sound. There was a lot of damage on our street and the surrounding neighborhood.

Friday was a restful day. We had facials in the morning at Mario Badescu and had lunch with a view at Bouchon in the Columbus Circle shopping center. We ate at the communal table which was fun because we got to people watch and see what others ordered as well.

Saturday we went to the green market at Prospect Park. It was fun to see all the dogs and toodle around. On Sunday after church and a delicious brunch at D'Orsay, we went to the synagogue where my great grandparents were married - Temple Emanu-El. They were setting up the Sukkot for the Feast of Tabernacles. The sanctuary was beautiful with teserae and gilding and tile. The stained glass windows were also beautiful.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

we are blessed!

So our friends M+B threw us a baby shower on Saturday. It was so good to get together with our friends from church and work for an afternoon. The food was delicious and 'baby themed.'

Also each guest decorated a onesie for our new little one - we had some very creative guests!

It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

bigger belly

At some point in every pregnancy, the belly becomes useful..

I'm just happy that I can still breathe!

i've been everywhere...

So our rocking chair arrived after 14 days on a bus - it has been everywhere, just like Johnny Cash. It started out in Spokane, WA and went to Billings, MT, Fargo, ND, Minneapolis, MN, Chicago, IL, Columbus, OH, Buffalo, NY and then our fair city, Brooklyn. Our good friends M+B who have a car woke up early on Saturday to go with Dave to the Greyhound station to pick it up. It fits perfectly in our space, and it fits both of us! Oma approves as well...


And the view from the chair isn't half bad either.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

sunny sunday

We spent part of our Sunday afternoon enjoying the weather at Columbus circle before meeting up with friends for brunch. Dave can never pass up an opportunity for a 'belly pic.' The weather was perfect and the fountains make it cool and relaxing.

Monday, September 6, 2010

craft day


So Dave and I decided to make a mobile for the baby. We really weren't keen on most of the ones available commercially. We did some searching on blogs, thought about origami fish (decided that we were not talent enough to fold paper) and settled on making concentric paper circles that could spin.

We went to Blick's art store first which was packed due to the fact that all the local art schools just started. We then headed to Kate's Paperie and found all the supplies we needed - including these red painted brad fasteners.

So with some fishing line, paper glue and our trusty exacto knives, we got to cutting. We think it turned out well.


nyc polaroid

So we were walking through SoHo on Saturday and found the 'polaroid' lady on Prince St. The artist's process is to take a color 5" x 7" polaroid and then place it on pre-moistened watercolor paper. She transfers the image under a black piece of fabric and rolls it out. The result is a painterly photograph. It's kind of nice to have a surprise in the age of everything digital.

Last time we had our photo taken we were engaged. We thought it would be good to have an updated belly pic polaroid. Hopefully next summer we will remember to take our little one to the 'polaroid' lady for a family photo.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

shuffling to make room

So our sofa has been at the re-upholsterer for the past three weeks getting a needed refresh. While it was on hiatus, Dave painted the black 4-drawer dresser white and we moved it into our bedroom to make room for the crib in the 'dining area.' Below are the after pictures. One of the Brno chairs is playing stand-in while we await our rocking chair.

The re-painted dresser - Dave is now a pro furniture painter.

The living room re-arranged with the newly upholstered sofa and bench.