Friday, September 30, 2011

forty-six weeks!

We are blessed to have such a happy baby. I feel blessed that I get to see Hudson growing up. He is getting sooo big! Starting to try to walk... cruising in style.

During this photo shoot Hudson got a little distracted by the washer. Have i mentioned that he loves the washer? So much so, that he gave it a kiss!
Such a funny baby! You can see four of his eight(!) teeth!
Everyone is surprised how blonde he is! I think he is pretty handsome!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

forty-five weeks!

Isn't he cute on his tippy toes! Hudson now has eight! teeth and is cruising like a champ. He is getting more daring letting go while walking around, but still isn't balanced enough to do it on his own yet. He learned how to go down stairs this week (an important skill!) and still loves to talk *all* the time and read. He says 'goo ja' for "good job" when he is obedient. Baby boys have a lot of similarities to puppies, I am finding. Thank you Giselle for being our guinea pig!

Such a happy baby! Look at those side-burn wings!

statues and barbeques

We woke up early Saturday and drove to NJ to pick up Grandma & Grandpa and Aunt Paulette. Hudson is still not a big fan of the car. At all.
We drove into the city and dined on Gray Papaya's recession special - two dogs and a yummy papaya drink. Hudson enjoyed his taste too!

 After a taste of the city, we headed downtown. We took the Staten Island ferry (for free!) which goes right by Lady Liberty. This is a great way to see the city and it is free! All the time! Not sure what SI did to get this perk, but it is a pretty fabulous perk! Before we boarded the ferry, Hudson enjoyed sharing his first NYC pretzel with Aunt Paulette.
 Hudson loved looking out the windows!

 A pretty good shot of the statue!

 Cozying up to Grandma & Grandpa!
 The ferry terminal at Staten Island had two cool salt water aquariums. Very cool!

Hudson was pretty tired after the city excursion so we headed home for dinner and a nap. Sunday we headed over to NJ to meet the extended family and enjoy a bbq. Hudson loved "talking" to the doggies and crawling from person to person in the backyard.

 Hudson loved the puppies...and hanging out with Gigi (Great-grandma!)

 He had fun playing with Aunt Carol...
 .. and singing with Grandpa..
 the three generations! I wonder if Hudson will be as tall as Grandpa!

 Hudson loved talking to Aunt Paulette...
...and Aunt Crisann too! 

The next day Hudson and Dave headed to NJ to hangout. Here is Hudson showing Grandpa how we eat our food..
...and hanging out with Grandma on the carousel! Too fun!
 It was a great visit!

forty-four weeks!

Hudson got two new teeth this week while Grandma and Grandpa visited. Needless to say, no one got much sleep! He also is cruising around a lot. This week he has also begun to let go and stand for a couple of seconds at a time.

We got to showcase the beautiful marble tile floor in M+B's bathroom, but Hudson was really fascinated with the hardware. Particularly door hardware. He loves to open and shut them... standing or sitting, it's a good twenty minutes of occupied time (aka enough time for me to put on my face and do my hair in the morning. it's the simple things in life!).
 Love those curls and those big blue eyes!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

grandma & grandpa!

.and Aunt Paulette too! Hudson got to meet Dave's family for the first time this week. And it was fuuun! Yesterday they had pizza and walked around the neighborhood. Hudson loves playing with Dave's eyeglass case.

They went to the park and checked out the neighborhood...
 Grandma & Grandpa and Hudson!
 Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Paulette & Hudson
Swinging with Grandpa
 Playing back at the house!
Grandpas are fun!
 Grandmas are pretty cool too!
 Hudson loves his books!
 Such a happy baby!