Tuesday, May 31, 2011

it is h - o - t - HOT!

This weekend was fun, but we spent a good deal of it inside. Hudson napped a lot (he is teething = tired), and it was particularly hot. We went from 50-60 degree weather to 80-90 degree weather. Someone forgot to tell the weatherman about our favorite weather .... the 70s. We started the weekend with a play date with Bryden. We went on the swings and played around on the mat. Bryden is teething too - he feel's Hudson's pain . literally.

We visited the swings at a close playground on Monday too. It was super fun!

twenty-eight weeks!

Hudson is o n t  h  e  m   o    v     e     .      .       .       . Taking photographs becomes more and more difficult as most of them are ending up blurry. Below is a series of Hudson pulling up on my lap while trying to attack the camera. Adorable...right?

TA - DA!

stand by me...

We had to lower the crib last Thursday. Hudson has started to pull up and we want to  make sure he can't tip out of the crib. He loves to pull up on everything - even the rocking chair which is funny to watch. Violet thinks he is going to be an early walker. We'll see. He still has a lot of coordination to gain!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i heart my daddy

Dave took this photo this morning during playtime before Violet arrived...Love this photo - Dave gets props for taking the photo one-handed.

twenty-seven weeks!

It was really hard to keep Hudson on the blanket this week for two reasons. The blanket seems to be shrinking (or Hudson has grown too much!) and he would much prefer to flip over and attach the camera. It has this neat cord that hangs off of it that is so interesting. Hudson is *really* crawling now. You put him on one side of the rug and he will come over to you if you call (much like a puppy). And he has found his feet (which I know Oma loves it when babies find their feet). So Oma, this photo is for you...

And just a few more photos of Hudson flipping over and trying to attack the camera...

I know...gratuitous baby pictures...but how can you resist that face?

play date

Saturday turned out to be the nicer day this past weekend. Consequently, Sunday afternoon we had a play date at Bryden's house rather than at the park - it was too cold and threatening rain. Hudson loved to crawl around and play with Bryden's toys. I think they had a good time together...sharing toys and drool. Isn't Bryden a cutie?

swingin' baby

 Hudson *loves* to swing. We took some pictures and a little video. Yes, that high pitched squeal you hear at the end is Hudson, not some girl playing on the playground. Gotta love him!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

twenty-six weeks!

Today Hudson is exactly 6 months old! The past few weeks he has been moving around a ton and cutting teeth! One has finally broken through the gum line and I got a shot here:

He is also moving around a ton!

And he is also getting better at sitting up on his own!

Monday, May 9, 2011

twenty-five weeks

We were able to do our photo shoot this week in the park. Hudson was so happy! He loves to be outside.

mother's day weekend

The weather this weekend couldn't have been more beautiful. We took full advantage of it! On Saturday, one of our neighbors in our building gave a tour of the Botanical Gardens. We joined last week during the cherry blossom festival. We had such a good time! Hudson really enjoyed all the colors and reaching for the flowers.

After a nap, Hudson and I met up with Chelsea and Bryden for a playdate in the park. It was so fun to see them play together!

We celebrated Mother's Day in the park with a picnic! Hudson is really interested in looking at the grass and crawling around. My parents also sent flowers for my first Mother's day - tradition that they have done for my sisters as well