Monday, October 11, 2010

full term!

So today marks 37 weeks complete, so our little one could come at anytime and be a considered 'full term.'

Another turn of events has happened as my body prepares to bring this baby into the world....

I now waddle like a penguin. According to the ultrasound we had on Saturday, the baby is 6lbs 14oz, or as our iPhone app says, the size of a small watermelon (you'd waddle too if you had a watermelon in your belly).

I'm drinking my red raspberry leaf tea and taking my evening primrose oil three times a day per the midwives' instructions. We'll see if this one holds on for another 3-4 weeks or if our little one wants out early. And yes, they started the baby pool at work today.

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  1. How exciting!! Can't wait to meet Ella / Hudson!!