Sunday, March 13, 2011

saturday brunch

 Saturday we went to have brunch with our friends Chelsea & Dan and their little one, Bryden. Bryden is exactly 5 weeks older than Hudson. We were due 5 weeks apart and were both 2 weeks late! The babies did pretty well all things considered. Hudson wanted to order off the menu too!

 Dave held Hudson through half of the meal so I could actually eat with both hands!

We took a long walk together and headed home. After Hudson's meal and a nap, we had fun playing at home. Hudson likes to stand on his own too feet...with some help, of course (yes, those are motorcycles on Hudson's playsuit. no, Dave did not buy this was a hand me down...needless to say, Dave is happy to dress his son in motorcycles)!!

Such a happy baby! We had a full day as later in the evening, we stopped by our friends M+B and their 12 foot wide house to see the progress! They are almost finished painting the rental unit (and got renters...yeah!!) and upstairs is coming together! Hudson liked seeing their kitty cats, Meyer & Eli and loved being held by someone other than mom & dad.

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