Sunday, June 12, 2011

thirty weeks!

It is hard to believe that Hudson is going to be seven months old on Wednesday (bonus day!). This morning he woke up saying 'ma mam.' Yes, that's right...Hudson marches to the beat of his own drum. It may be easier to say 'da-da' and father's day is coming up, so that would be fortuitous. But no. Hudson said 'ma - ma ma.' Gotta love him! We tried to take a sitting photo but that was even more hard than getting a photo while he was laying down on his back (more to see around the room versus just me and the ceiling when he is laying on the floor). Also he crawls over to his toys now and pulls them out to play. Teaching him to 'clean up!' is next on the list... HIs favorite foods this week include broccoli with ricotta (or goat cheese), yogurt and prunes and blueberries! He also enjoyed a bit of my pancake this morning.

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