Saturday, October 8, 2011

Uncle Mac, Aunt Roo and the cousins too!

Our Georgia family came up for a visit this week and we had a super fun time. Hudson loved it when Caleb would play with him - he thought he was super cool. I played the part of tour guide for the three days they were here and they were action packed! We had pizza in Park slope - delicious and cheesy..

 We took a ride on the Staten Island Ferry and saw the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn & Manhattan Bridges...
 We took a walk through central park after hitting FAO Schwartz

 After lunch at Shake Shack we went to the Natural History Museum which was fun! The crew is being eaten by the T-Rex on the wall!
  Caleb is a blur...I think this is portent of things to come with Hudson!
 And we rode on the subway lots! and lots! The kids were pros by the end!

 It was fun to hang out in the 12-foot house!
 And a family shot! Take one with the crew!
 And shot two...It's hard to get both boys to cooperate in the same shot!
It was a fun trip! We got to play the "fun Aunt & Uncle" and take the kids out to ice cream one night while Mac & Ann went to a show. I only hope that Hudson is as well adjusted, well behaved, happy 8-12 years from now!

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