Tuesday, August 31, 2010

crib inspiration

Choosing the crib was a bit of a dilemma, especially as the crib will located in the open area with our other furniture. At first I thought we wanted a more modern crib. I loved the Oeuf Sparrow crib in grey, but at $699 (not including the mattress) it seemed a bit excessive. Even on our favorite website (craigslist), we couldn't find it for less that $400 used.
Our friends recommended this BabyMod ParkLane crib from Wal-mart (I know...I was surprised as well). It is a very sturdy crib and has the added bonus of under-bed storage and at $281 (again without the mattress) it seemed like a much better deal, plus we had the recommendation of durability/quality/stability from other parents.
Then we decided that maybe we should just go with the Ikea Gulliver crib in white. Simple and at $99, not too shabby. So we went to go look at it at the store and there weren't any to test drive and check for quality. 


So we were at a loss. Then I saw this image on Design*Sponge:


I really loved that this new mother counterposed something more modern with something more traditional. The simplicity of the white bedding and sheets with the bright orange bumper was beautiful. We had found a beautiful cotton percale fabric at fibernotion in our neighborhood (on sale) AND we found a white Jenny Lind crib on craigslist for a mere $65. We rented a zipcar for the morning and did a quick load/unload on the UES with the seller. The crib needed a little touch up paint here and there (nothing we couldn't handle) and we are very happy with our selection. 

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