Tuesday, August 31, 2010

irony in ivory

As an expectant mother, I didn't consider a changing table as a necessity. It seemed like 'another piece of furniture' that you didn't need. After reading this post from a child grows in brooklyn, and reading more from the 'baby bargains' book, a changing height surface is a back saver - especially when you are going through ten plus diapers a day.

So I put my friend A* on the hunt (I was exhausted after all that crib research). I gave her dimensions of the space available as well as the dimensions of a standard changing pad. We wanted a simple clean-lined piece for $100 or less that would relate to our crib and our other furniture. Turns out A* is a first-class craigslist scavenger as she found this dresser for $75.

As we were unloading it off of the seller's truck we were pleasantly surprised with the quality of the piece - all drawers were dovetailed and solid wood - the drawers only fit in their assigned opening and the beading detail was quite pretty. The finish had seen better days, but it had beautiful lines. Then we opened the drawer and found the Baker Furniture insignia. The irony was lost on no one.

So Dave painted the piece up - the antique brass hardware is a stunning contrast. We think it turned out quite well and the storage it provides will be invaluable.


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