Saturday, April 2, 2011

in loving memory

Today, one year ago, we lost our dear sweet Giselle to a brain tumor. She was any many ways 'our first' - preparing us to be parents. Three weeks before she had unexplainable grand mal seizures, and then we had to make one of the hardest decisions an adult ever has to make about a pet that they love dearly.

She had an adventure of a life! She was a feisty bulldog from the beginning and a sweetheart...

She had traveled by plane, train, car, taxi (I consider this an alternate genre to the car), dingy, sailboat, canoe, bicycle and by foot. She had been to Maine, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Utah, Nevada, Virginia and Georgia.

Losing her taught us about letting go. Which is what parenthood is all about...

12.12.04 - 4.02.10

"Love is so short, forgetting so long..." ~ Pablo Neruda

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