Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oma's visit!

So Hudson got a treat this week! Oma came to visit! The photos on the blog was too enticing and she just had to come see him in person! I took off work a couple of days to hang out as well! I was able to get my hair cut on Thursday while Oma and Hudson  hung out!

Friday we went to see Diana Warner and she graciously gave me a pendant with Hudson's birthday as well as a necklace with an 'h' for Hudson. She has beautiful jewelry! She also will be opening a flagship retail store in NYC this coming June (so happy for her!!!!)

We also tried green beans and peas with Oma. Hudson shivered and made a face with the green beans. He loves to eat, so he wanted to like them, but it just wasn't working out. Peas went over better, although he still loves carrots and sweet potato best!

Saturday we got to see M+B's twelve foot wide house. Oma really enjoyed the tour! We all think it is beautifully done! Hudson had fun looking in the new mirror with Megan.

Hudson loves his Oma! He loves to giggle with her and play on the floor and read!

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