Tuesday, November 9, 2010

still pregnant

So our baby is perfectly happy in its warm dark cocoon (I know- it's a picture of a chrysalis, but it's much prettier than a picture of a cocoon).  The 'non-stress' test today showed a healthy baby under 7.5 lbs (yes, that makes me happy even though ultra-sounds are proven to be pretty inaccurate) that just isn't ready to come out yet. This baby is no dummy - it's cold outside and the baby is currently warm and hooked up to an on-demand food source. Once you are born, there is work involved! So no real contractions building to labor...yet.

Going to work tomorrow will not be fun with all the questions or exclamations: "You're still here??!?" "Have you tried...." Yes, I am still here and have tried just about everything legal and natural that is recommended to 'encourage labor.' Unfortunately, you cannot control labor, and this baby is going to come when it is ready.  It's pretty obvious that it is not ready yet.

Being overdue is no fun -  people expect you and your baby to hold to a schedule. I found this list of 'what not to say to an overdue woman' that everyone should  memorize.  In the meantime, I am going back to drinking my red raspberry leaf tea, taking my primrose oil, and eating spicy food while walking another 10 miles.

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