Wednesday, January 26, 2011

momma's got a brand new 'do

Today we went into the city so I could get my hair cut (I was long over due. My last haircut was in July). We braved the snow and the subways and had a pretty good time.

We then decided to go visit some clients who have been asking to see Hudson. By the time we got home - 5 hours later - Hudson was in no mood to settle for a nap. We were experiencing RBS, also known as 'Restless Baby Syndrome.' So if you have ever asked yourself, 'how does a baby cross a crib and end up with his arm stuck between the slats' this video will show you. It's edited to double time for your viewing pleasure.

Oh, and here is my haircut (forgive the bathroom shot - it was the only way I could see the camera to take the picture).


  1. Oh, that video is too funny! The little wiggle worm. I bet he will be flipping himself over before long.

    BTW, Momma looks beautiful with her new do!