Sunday, January 30, 2011

spitting up is hard to do

Or if you are Hudson, it is very easy, although sometimes painful This little one for the past 3 weeks has been spitting up at every feeding, between sides and after and then in between feedings too. Makes for a LOT of laundry (we're talking every other day), mopping often and wiping down furniture. I now have 48 burp cloths and he can go through all of them in a short two days. We've tried Mylicon and Colic Calm's Gripe Water, but nothing has seemed to help. We're calling the doctor on Monday to find out if there are things we can do.

On a less messy note, Hudson rolled over for the first time on Thursday, January 27th, all by himself. My sister and husband witnessed it today (although I still haven't caught it on camera). He likes to look at his mobile so it isn't so bad when he winds up on his back. I included a picture of him getting bathed so you can see a happy baby picture.

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