Tuesday, July 5, 2011

georgia on my mind...

So here's the recap of our trip from the last weekend in June. With Dave's encouragement and airline miles, Hudson and I headed to the airport bright and early (5:30 am!).  The plane ride down was not as smooth as I might have liked. I made the mistake of pre-boarding which meant we were in our tiny seat for an extra 30 minutes. Also the flight was packed and the flight was during Hudson's morning nap - he only slept 30 minutes rather than his regular 2 hour nap. Not so much fun. All in all, he did well and only really cried once during take off because he was d-o-n-e being in my lap. We landed in ATL and Aunt Kate and Aunt Roo were there to meet us along with great Uncle Bob and Aunt Vicki (they happen to be great on top of being 'great'!). Hudson was thrilled to see family that he recognized from Skype and was all smiles. Uncle Bob's mustache was pretty cool too!
Forty minutes later, we were at Uncle Bob & Aunt Vicki's home and Hudson hit the ground crawling. He loved all the new toys and places to explore. The push-cart car was a big hit - Hudson got the hang of "driving" quickly and looks pretty comfortable!
 Look at me Aunt Vicki! I stood up all by myself!
 Driving is fun! 
 Peek-a-boo Aunt Roo!
A chair just my size!
 Moustaches are sooo cool, Uncle Bob!
 You're so funny, Aunt Vicki!
I like your teeth!
That is a big flower!! Can I eat it?

Hudson loved meeting Aunt Vicki & Uncle Bob - those people on the Skype screen he sees every once in a while. Aunt Vicki, always promoting dental health, also gave Hudson his first toothbrush (which he loves!) It's great because the toothpaste is banana & strawberry flavored and the brush (which is shaped like a banana) is soft and feels good on his gums and teeth. You can never start too early with oral hygiene!

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