Sunday, July 24, 2011

thirty-six weeks!

It is H*O*T! in new york. Like 100 degree weather hot (plus way too much humidity). So hot that Hudson and I did not leave the house on Saturday. That's not true. We went grocery shopping at 9am and were back by 10:30am. We did not leave the house after that. Sunday we did church at home where there is AC (they church we've been attending does not have AC. I didn't want to have to scrape the melted Hudson and Dave off the floor), but it cooled off to the mid 90s so we could go out for a little while. It was still way too humid.

But wait. This post is about Hudson and how cute he is. We got lazy today and couldn't bother trying to keep him on a blanket and just used the graphic rug. He is so active now, it is hard to keep him in one place for very long.

Unless you are holding a tape measure that is really interesting to look at. That's how we got this shot:

Or unless you are talking to mommy, which is how we got this shot.

Or he is going after a phone or the remote like in this shot:

And sometimes you just throw him around to get a smile...

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