Tuesday, July 5, 2011

shenanigans and sleepy time down south...

So after a delicious lunch, we headed to Aunt Roo's for the night. Hudson slept in the car and did pretty well all things considered. We took some pictures with Andrea & Mac the next morning. Hudson was fascinated with their faces! We hopped in the car to go surprise Oma & Opa and all the cousins!
Hudson was happy to see everyone. My three siblings and I had to 'earn our lunch' by playing games that the kids had played at cousin camp. They were 'Minute to Win It' challenges in which we had one minute to balance dice on a tongue depressor, coerce an Oreo from our forehead to our mouth (sans hands) and knock over four 2 liters with a baseball encased in pantyhose attached to our heads. Needless to say all the cousins thought it was infinitely cool comical to see their parents and aunts and uncle attempt the challenges they had done.

Hudson had a blast playing with cousins...After the GA & VA cousins left, he *finally* settled for a nap.

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