Sunday, July 10, 2011

thirty-four weeks!

Everyone said that time would fly. And sure you believe it, but it doesn't really hit home till you look back to see how much Hudson has grown these (almost) eight months. This week he has been enjoying black figs and apricots in Greek yogurt. He also learned to clap on Tuesday and now he will sit and give him self a little applause when he is happy. He is happy most of the time, so this happens a lot in one day.

He also loves giving himself kisses in the mirror and playing pattycake with himself (and with others sometimes). You might notice that the photo quality has gotten better on this post. We got a faster camera to keep up with our fast baby. We are very pleased with the quality and will have a post later to discuss the process. Also this week, you can look forward to a post about how our one bedroom is working out for us as well as a post on strollers (a busy week to look forward to!). We also took gratuitous photos of Hudson today with the new camera and I'll post a couple more photos that I couldn't resist below...

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  1. I love the last photo of you and Hudson! How sweet!! Also, the drool pic is enough proof that he and Aaron are related. So juicy!