Tuesday, September 13, 2011

labor day


We've been working hard these past few weeks and it was nice just to kick back and relax a bit on Labor Day weekend. We did manage to score a basic front loading washer & dryer set for 50% off - brand new including a warranty. The only downside is that it was in NJ. M+B were kind enough to lend us their car. Unfortunately Hudson was not able to lend us a better attitude towards the car seat. He is approaching the height/weight limit to his current seat and I think he will be thrilled  will put up with the car seat better  when he can get a bigger seat and face forward. Good news is that we have two fewer appliances to buy...and we will definitely have clean clothes in our new place!

Anyway, after working on getting more settled, cleaning, and moving a washer and dryer (thanks, B!), we took it easy on Monday. We met Bryden and his parents in the park and had a great time letting the boys play. Bryden is quite the proficient crawler and is pulling up just as well as Hudson! Hudson is slightly taller, but I'm sure they will even out soon - both boys have tall dads!

So below is a video of Bryden & Hudson chatting around the stroller (they didn't have a water cooler handy). It is two and a half minutes of your life that you will not get back (we think it is cute, but by no means is it dramatic or particularly funny). Although,  if you listen closely, you will hear Hudson say "kit cat" aka "kitty cat."

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