Wednesday, September 14, 2011

forty three weeks!

Our baby has wings! Atleast little curls on the side that I might need to trim soon...sniff. It is hard to believe that Hudson is 9 weeks away from being a year old. He has been teething - now up to 6 teeth as of this morning with another on the way. This has made for some sleep deprived nights - we are looking forward to when this will settle back down into our old schedule.
Sunday we went to the Tot Lot at Garfield in the park to play. Hudson was the youngest one there, but he enjoyed puttering around. He even met a pretty girl, Eleanor, who he wanted to be friends with. He kept reaching out and she kept backing away and smiling and waving. It was *very* cute.

Where did she run off to?
Although he is close to walking, he still needs a hand. He loved going up and down the ramp and playing with all the big kids.

Such a happy boy! He looks so grown up in the hand-me-down jeans (thanks, Rebecca! we'll save them for your little one on the way!).

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