Tuesday, September 6, 2011

forty-one weeks! and beating the hurricane...

Hudson's forty-first week of life was filled with almost too much excitement (if that is possible?!). We had an earthquake on Tuesday and then a hurricane the following weekend! Although I will have to say that Hudson has taken the move in stride. He *loves* climbing up the stairs...busy busy baby
whew! made it to the top!
And he is actually pretty good at it. There are a lot of stairs to climb! Three flights up to his new (temporary) room! He loves all the new things to explore and the windows that he can look out of, standing on his own.
and I love baby hands!
So Saturday we made the final move to M+B's just before Hurricane Irene made a b-line for the city. We are *so* very thankful for their gracious hospitality. The weekend was a whirlwind, but we survived! It actually wasn't all that bad, and it was nice because the city was empty so it was a breeze to find parking! Flat Rate took most of our stuff into storage and the remainder went to M+B's place during the week with one last trip at 4pm Saturday, just before it starting raining.
This is the last time Hudson got to push the button in the elevator in our old building! He loved the buttons!
It is crazy that we are on this new real estate adventure. We were blessed enough to sell much of our kitchen furniture to our new tenants and handed them over the keys directly on Monday. We are looking forward to a new apartment with the new appliances we've started to stock-pile and a bedroom with a door that isn't our living/dining room for Hudson.
We loved this apartment. It took 8 rolls of tape and 3 long weekends with help from friends to paint it all, but it was pretty. And the view...the view was spectacular. We saw the cruise ships leave the port just before Irene hit...
After a very *long* day, we enjoyed a yummy dinner made by M - curried veggies over rice  - delicious! Thankfully, we were spared most of the damage from Irene...this was Sunday morning from our new bedroom window as the storm moved north! Bye-bye Irene!

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