Thursday, September 8, 2011

vacation...part three!

 Vacation seem so very long ago...but I have all these great photos that I need to share so that I can remember...and later on Hudson can remember as well. He actually loves looking at photos of himself on the phone or the computer. We walked around Warwick and found these chickens outside a closed antique store. Hudson was fascinated. I think the chickens were a little scared...

When we got back to the barnhouse, we played outside a bit. Hudson loved crawling around the grass...

Our host, Hanna brought out this fun tube to crawl through. Hudson hadn't discovered it yet..
..but when he did, he was pretty excited...
Dave calls this his "James Bond" moment, as it reminds him of the credits to one of the movies:
Here he comes to get me!!
The rain had cleared and we enjoyed the sunset! It was like having a date as Hudson was in bed resting up for the next day..
And what a busy day it was! We went to an orchard and found some animals to see. The donkey was really nice...
And the billy goat wanted to say hello!
It was a genuine farm because there was even a scarecrow!
Then we went to Pennington's which was a cross between a farmer's market and a petting zoo. There was ice cream too which is always a hit!
The best part was the Turkey. Mr. Tom gobbled at Hudson a lot! The next day Hudson woke up with a new syllable - GA!
Hudson loved looking at the flowers outside!
And going on walks with Daddy!
and swinging on the airplane swing!

The ride home on the other hand, was a little less than stellar.
There were more moments like this one, rather than quiet, complacent happy ones. Hudson is still *not* a big fan of the car seat.
And then we were back home in Brooklyn!
Later that afternoon we met up with Bryden in the park. He has much better posture than Hudson!

He even shared some pancake with Bryden..both boys loved it as a snack!

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