Wednesday, August 10, 2011

in contract

So as many of you already know, we are in contract on a two bedroom(!) apartment in Park Slope (our windows are the top two close together. It is a brownstone that was built in 1910 (featured on - our space is on the 4th floor with roof rights. It's been a whirlwind of a week as we saw the place last Tuesday night and have an executed contract as of yesterday night. Getting into contract in 4 business days for a Co-op is pretty darn quick in NYC. The Seller had a deadline of today, so we met that for him. Below are some photos from my walk-through with the inspector last Friday. The kitchen with the ladder to the attic/roof down. We are planning on gutting it and installing something cleaner/more modern. When I say "cleaner" I am referring to 'sanitary' not aesthetics (although truthfully, it will be both).
 This is the fire place in the master bedroom. Love the detail.
 This is Hudson's new bedroom (with a closet!). The inspector is making sure the window works.
 Love the old door knobs and 5 panel doors! I want to soak them in bleach or Simple Green.
 Check out the molding in the master bedroom!
 The bathroom has to be redone due to some missing tiles and wet drywall by the tub.
 This is the skylight that has to be cleaned in the bathroom. It's in good shape though!
So we are renovating directly after closing (hopefully by mid to late September). In the meantime, we are moving in to the 12-foot wide house! Our friends M+B have 2 extra bedrooms and an extra bathroom on the 4th floor that they are not using and are letting us move in at the end of this month to save money for renovations. We know that this process has been blessed as everything could not have worked out more perfectly. We saw the place Tuesday night - an accepted offer by Wednesday. The inspection was Friday and he turned around the report in a day. The lawyer has been excellent at highlighting the risks and putting together a contract quickly. Our mortgage broker has been turning around the necessary paperwork and our kind friends have offered us a place to stay and save money for the renovations. And we got a deal on a place with great bones and in an excellent location (in a good school district for Hudson later on! so glad we don't have to save for private school now...).  The other thing we are looking forward to is having dinner at our kitchen table - not a picnic on the bed. And did I mention we have roof rights? That pretty much sealed the deal for Dave. He's always wanted outdoor space.

And now for some gratuitous baby pictures. We went to the tot lot on Saturday & Sunday. It's amazing how much bigger Hudson is getting.

Hudson decided to try to climb up the slide...
..Amazingly enough, he made it!

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  1. Wow, congrats on the new place, looks awesome! Can't wait to see the before/after pictures. And Hudson is growing fast, and is a cute as ever!