Sunday, August 7, 2011

katlyn & corey

We interrupt this baby blog for some happy news and some sad news... Corey & Katelyn (from our fellowship group) got married yesterday!! We are sad that we couldn't be there to share it in Austin TX, but I'm sure that it went well!
The sad news is that they moved back to Texas after spending two years with us in Brooklyn. Our group has been immensely supportive through many ups and downs, uncertainties, job losses, joys, fears, hopes in the past three(!) years. Through it all, we encouraged one another to keep focused on Him, our true provider.  Two Tuesdays ago, our neighbor agreed to watch the sleeping Hudson while we met at 67 Burger in Fort Green for some delicious nosh. This is next photo shows Bryce in the background - being funny...

 Sam & Ashley
 Corey & Bryce (both share a love of football sports!)
 Corey, Bryce & Katelyn
 Dave and I with Corey & Katelyn
Dave took a pic of the whole crew. We survived a quick thunderstorm - hence the raindrops on our shirts. Dinner was bittersweet. We know that Corey & Katelyn are where they are supposed to be, but we will miss them. It has been awesome to have them in our lives as we all grow together. And thanks to Maddy, for taking care of our not-so-sleeping Hudson (how did he know we weren't there? must be a sixth sense or something) - we owe you another babysitting swap!

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