Sunday, August 21, 2011

measure twice...

 ..Cut once. Well, last Sunday we measured the apartment and took tons of photos to devise the plan. We had help! Our friends came too - Megan was kind enough to keep Hudson occupied, Amanda helped me measure and Dave and Ben poked around the attic. Brooklyn had eight(!) inches of rain on Sunday so it was good to see that it was bone dry. Our current apartment building, however, was not. Fire trucks came to help release some of the pressure from clogged drain pipes on the roof that caused a waterfall of water down 12 flights of fire stairs. Thankfully, our current apartment was dry as well!

So after all that measuring, we headed off to the country for some R&R. In the evenings, I was able to focus on what our apartment would look like and we have narrowed it down to two options. They are very similar. Option 1 gives a bit more room to the washer/dryer closet and requires the demolition of one nib wall (and consequently some ceiling patching). Option 2 requires no wall demo (just the half-wall in the kitchen) and has about 12" less space of kitchen cabinets. Both are workable and we will see what fits more in the budget later on. We met with the contractor on Friday and should have pricing by Monday (gulp!). Will have more detailed posts on the plans for each room coming up! We are excited about the process and hope it will continue to go smoothly!

We also bought the first item for the apartment. Dave found an amazing deal on a Bosch dishwasher in black (as shown in elevation D) for 50% off! We hope we can find such good deals on the other appliances too!

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