Sunday, August 21, 2011

vacation! part one..

 So Dave, Hudson and I headed up to the Hudson Valley Barnhouse in Warwick, NY on Monday morning. Hudson was good in the car for about the first thirty minutes. Then he was pretty cranky. He was fine when we stopped for lunch and enjoyed posing next to the Indian Native American Statue at the Tavern. Yes, it said "Tavern" on the front. Dave had a cheese burger (after I eyed him and he said "I'm on va-cay - tion.") and Hudson and I shared a sweet potato stuffed with mushrooms and spinach - it was actually pretty yummy.

We got to the Barnhouse about two hours after leaving Brooklyn (this included the traffic and the lunch break). It was overcast and much cooler than the city. Love the natural air conditioning! It felt like being in main. We all took a long afternoon nap. Hudson enjoyed seeing all the flowers and playing with all the toys!

 The giant hibiscus was one of his favorites:
 He also liked playing with the cone flowers:

 Black-eyed Susans..

 The sink was fun to play with as well!
He still fits in the sink!
 The next morning Hudson slept in till 7:30! He loved talking to all the stuffed animals in the crib that was at the house. He also loved all the new-to-him toys...

The third picture in this series I didn't get as I was running to get him:  Hudson falling on his head. Don't worry - he didn't get hurt - he's too hard-headed for that!

Yummy blueberries and pancakes for breakfast!

Part two to come tomorrow! Along with Hudson's 9-month check-up stats (it's tomorrow afternoon!)

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