Sunday, August 7, 2011

thirty-eight weeks!

Hudson is growing so much! I put him down for a nap and when he wakes up, I could swear that he is taller. He can now easily reach the kitchen table and is pushing around his cart (or the table - what ever is closer) with ease. This week we added a prop to our photo shoot - a book. Hudson loves books. When you read to him it's one of the few times that he is actually s t  i  l  l  . . . Most of the time it is go go go!

He has learned in the past couple weeks how to turn the pages and he is very proud of himself. He is pretty good at it! He looks so studious here:
  I love the little raised pinkie. It looks like he is trying to sell the book:
Trying to find the right page to stand on!
And below we have some photos of Hudson getting around. Dave took some video of Hudson pushing the cart on Friday to come meet me that I still need to upload and edit. Hopefully sometime this week.



And I'm throwing in this photo as photographic proof of Hudson's top front teeth. Don't ask me why he is curling his tongue like that. He was on his way to attack the camera. He likes to see his photo on the back of it.

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